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Apr 10 2009

April 2009 Meeting


Meet the Missouri Director of Agriculture

Dr. Jon Hagler, Director, Missouri Department of Agriculture

The Mid-Missouri Agribusiness Club met on April 7, 2009 at the Missouri Soybean Association Headquarters in Jefferson City Missouri.

The featured speaker was Dr. Jon Hagler, Director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. 

Dr. Hagler briefed the club on on Departmental priorities and philosophies that will take center stage under his administration.

Mar 14 2009

March 2009 Meeting

Many of us have had increased responsibilities due to the current economic environment-this work space design expert is going to help us be more productive and efficient with a few simple tricks!

Don Hinshaw, SamCo Business Products

Feb 14 2009

February 2009 Meeting

Eminent Domain

Speaker: Dave Roland, Show-Me Institute

Dave Roland studied the constitutional protection of property rights at the Vanderbilt University Law School under the instruction of Professor James Ely, one of the nation’s top experts in the subject.  Upon his graduation in 2004, Dave spent three years in the nation’s capital as an attorney with the Institute for Justice, where he helped to defend property owners nationwide against eminent domain abuse, including the United States Supreme Court’s infamous Kelo v. New London case and Norwood v. Horney, a landmark victory for property rights at the Ohio Supreme Court.  Since coming to the Show-Me Institute in 2007, Dave has continued to work for eminent domain reform, submitting a brief on behalf of the Institute that asked the Missouri Supreme Court to respect the property rights protections built into the state constitution, speaking to a number of groups about the dangers of eminent domain abuse, and publishing op-eds on the topic in newspapers across Missouri.  He recently became a member of the Missouri Bar Association’s Committee on Eminent Domain.

Jan 14 2009

January 2009 Meeting

Summary of the amended judgment and status of the litigation involving the case filed by the Friends of Arrow Rock.

Robert J. Brundage, Newman, Comley & Ruth, P.C.
Attorney representing Mo-Ag, Mo Pork, Mo Cattle, Mo Dairy, FCS Financial, Poultry Federation the Mo Egg Council in the case filed by the Friends of Arrow Rock against MDNR

Dec 14 2008

December 2008

Estate Planning

Mr. C. Christy Barton,
Barton Law Firm

Nov 14 2008

November 2008 Meeting

A glance at the behind the scenes work of the bi-partisan Senate Communications Department who provides information to lawmakers, citizens and the press in their coverage of legislative activities and events.

Mike Asmus, Director of Communications for the Missouri Senate

Jun 14 2008

June 2008 Meeting

“Conquering the Generational Divide: Managing. Marketing. Serving.”

Susanne Medley, President of CCG

May 14 2008

May 2008 Meeting

“Don’t believe everything you read,” with comments focusing on the relationship between corn, ethanol and distillers grains.

Gary Clark

Apr 14 2008

April 2008 Meeting

Briefing on the Jefferson Farm and Gardens

Rob Myers

Mar 14 2008

March 2008 Meeting

Briefing on Biodiesel and the Missouri B-5 initiative

Dale Ludwig, Executive Director and CEO Missouri Soybean Association

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